Effects Of Xanax


Xanax is often prescribed for panic attacks and overall anxiety concerns. These health issues tend to cause a lot of worries for patients and require medicated treatment plans, but use of the drugs can lead to varying effects on the body. Let’s take a glance at some of the effects related to Xanax use for patients.

Over use of XanaxCognitive Issues

One of the short-term effects that Xanax can have on the body tend to include cognitive issues. Patients are often seen sounding ‘drunk’ if there is overuse of the drug.

This is because the body is being fed chemicals in order to control those panic attacks and to calm the mind.

This can lead to short-term cognitive issues that have to be taken into due consideration prior to consumption. This is why xanax should be taken with care and should not be used outside those established guidelines given by the doctor.

Those who will start using these drugs outside those guidelines will noticed slurred speech. This can be controlled as long as one is using the drug appropriately.

Xanax serves its purpose, but can become a detrimental addition to one’s life, if it is misused.


There is a natural ‘high’ that one will get after this has been consumed. Xanax will start to push one away from their natural chemical balances in the mind and this is normal. However, this will lead to a high that will last for around
8-14 hours dependent upon the individual.

High off xanax

Each case is different and should be assessed on its own merit. Each patient will react differently to the drug and some will see the high last beyond those 14 hours.

While, others will notice the high does not last as long for them. This is all a part of the process and should be noted down by the physician.

This high is also one of the reasons why Xanax can lead to drug abuse on the part of the patient. It has to be taken with control otherwise it can lead to drug abuse problems as the body becomes dependent upon the Xanax to remain anxiety free.


Long-term effects can range from health concerns that are more physical in nature (migraines), but also memory loss.

significant memory loss for the patient.Xanax will start to change those chemical imbalances in the brain, but with overuse it can lead to significant memory loss for the patient.

It is essential to remain within those listed guidelines in order to remain healthy and functional as a patient.

Memory loss can be both short-term and long-term dependent upon the case. The physician will start to gauge the effect of this drug on the patient right away to make sure it is not having detrimental effects on the body.

Most patients that have to deal with memory impairment will notice it is a short-term issue. Major issues only happen for those who indulge in abusing with Xanax. These impairments will start to wash away as the drug is used less and less as can be seen when one starts responding to it and showing signs of recovery.


Panic attacks and anxieties

The last effect that Xanax can have on the body is a combination of psychological realities and physical requirements.

Panic attacks and anxieties can become overwhelming for patients and Xanax acts as an easy solution. This is where the lines can become blurred for patients who start using the drug outside those established requirements.

It can lead to abuse and that dependency can worsen the condition that is already ongoing. These effects can become problematic for patients and can cause short and long-term concerns.