Kidney Stone

Can HGH Cause Kidney Stones Or Is It A Myth?


For those people who are carrying more weight than they should be, life can become a bit of a nightmare. One of the leading causes of depression these days is being overweight, and generally the way that we look. By not looking good, we tend not to feel good in ourselves, and this makes us feel down.

HGH SupplementsOn top of that, people who carry extra weight are at risk of many health problems, and some of them carry the risk of death. The weight loss market is worth billions these days, and never a month goes by without some miracle product appearing on the market.

One of the supplements that has been trending over the last few months is HGH, otherwise known as the human growth hormone. This hormone is what makes us grow when we are younger, and we have high levels of it. The hormone helps change what we eat into the building blocks our body needs to get bigger, and get us through puberty.

Once we reach the age of eighteen, the level of this hormone drops, and eventually we only produce a very small amount. As HGH converts sugars and fats into cells the body requires, it was thought that it was good at helping to reduce weight.

This theory was backed up around 25 years ago in a published report on HGH. This concluded that it can help with weight loss, but we are only talking about a small percentage. Many scientists have tried to replicate these results over the years, but none have done so.

They reported only small changes in overall weight loss and muscle mass growth. There are also a number of side effects with HGH, although there are far more to be overweight. A popular question on the internet is can HGH cause kidney stones? The simple answer to this is no.

Most kidney stones are built up from calcium deposits. So when we take calcium supplements, or eat a lot of foods that contain it, such as kale, our body will take what it needs to help maintain our bones, and then it will pass the rest Taking calcium supplementsout in our urine.

The kidneys are the body’s filter system. They take out the used products, excess amounts, and liquids from our blood, and pass it into the bladder. They are what help keep our blood clean, and help to maintain blood pressure.

However, if we are taking in more calcium than what we need for a long period of time, a small stone can start to build up in the duct that goes from the kidney to the bladder. This is a calcium deposit, and once one has started to form, it will continue to grow.

Some will pass through to the bladder without a problem once they are loose in the kidney, but others may become too large. This means that they get stuck in the kidney, or in the tube to the bladder. Either of these conditions can be extremely painful, and can lead to bouts of sudden, excruciating pain as the body tries to rid itself of the stone.

HGH does not contain any calcium, and it does not reduce bone mass to put more calcium in the blood. So no, HGH will not cause a kidney stone issue. It does however have many side effects. There is one major problem with this hormone, and that is it needs to be injected.

You can purchase tablets that contain HGH, but it has been shown that all of this gets broken down in the stomach, and so when the constituents are absorbed by the body, it is no longer a hormone. Unless the drug is injected on a regular basis, then it is totally useless. Another drawback is the cost. HGH in its injection form is very expensive, and using it for the long term will prove very costly.

ExerciseAs the overall benefits of it are minimal, then it is not really worth using. There are far better things available that will help a person to lose weight, and lead a much healthier and longer life. The most obvious one is eating less, and the next is doing more exercise.

Changing food intake does not have to be done all at once, it is a good idea to make changes to the breakfast first, and get used to that over a month or so before moving on to the main meal. It is often the sudden change in diet to everything that is the downfall of many diets.

Exercise also need not be a chore. Going for a walk with friends or taking the dog for a walk is exercise. Even walking around the shops for a few hours will help to reduce weight. A small change in diet, and a little more exercise, is sometimes all that is required in order to lose weight.